Nice one!

You have taken your first step towards order automation.

Firstly, if you are a new user we recommend visiting our iCompleat Invoice section prior to configuring Order.

Your test company will remain active for your use for the full duration of your trial and even when you set up a live subscription; see it as a test bed to give the application a whirl, maybe to train new staff, or to see and try out our new features.

We have populated your test company with sample data such as chart of accounts, tax codes, and suppliers, which are there to simulate and illustrate a fully live system, connected to an accounting system.

Getting Started - iCompleat Order

Invoice and order matching is setup by default therefore, an invoice automatically matches to it’s corresponding order when it is received by the system. This makes your data trail even easier to track and monitor using iCompleat.

We recommend you configure Order by following the video guide below. Alternatively you can follow the step by step instructions here.

Towards the bottom of this page you will find a breakdown of instructions on how to best get started with processing orders.

Feel free to search our entire iCLIC knowledge base for further help and guidance.