Add a note to an invoice you've put on hold

Process an invoice that won't post due to an exchange rate issue

Pre-set where to send all future invoices from a supplier for approval

Recall an invoice submitted for approval in error

View an invoice and its supporting documents

Map supplier defaults

Update invoice lines when VAT is incorrect due to rounding

Delete a note from an invoice

Process an invoice after a posting period has closed

Attach supporting documents to an invoice

Split an invoice across projects or sites at line level

Un-map and re-map a supplier

Create a new supplier when processing an invoice

Check your invoice has been posted to your finance system

Auto submitted invoices

Approve an invoice

Map a supplier to an invoice

Manually add account codes to an invoice

About Supplier management

Manage numbering

Explore Supplier management

Supplier Defaults

Advanced functions for suppliers

Invoice download

Invoice packs